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Photofacial rejuvenation, or photo rejuvenation, is a treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This remodels the cellular structure of your skin so that it behaves younger, thereby decreasing and eliminating the visible signs of aging.

IPL has been repeatedly found to effectively resolve the following skin conditions:

  • Pigmentation irregularities, like freckles, sunspots, liver spots and melasma
  • Rough textures caused by prolonged sun exposure
  • Redness and rosacea
  • Spider veins and other visible capillaries
  • Enlarged pores
  • Fine lines
  • Acne


Hair removal, skin texture, wrinkles & vascular with limited to no downtime

  • The combined energies of elōs technology precisely heat the connective tissue within the target treatment area. This stimulates collagen production and produces a younger appearance in the skin. Mild to moderate wrinkles are reduced, and the texture of your skin becomes smoother with a decrease in pore size.
  • Hair follicles are precisely targeted and destroyed using the revolutionary elōs combination of bipolar radio frequency and laser energies.


RefineU MedSpa provides Microneedling services, using PROCELL soltuions. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT), is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that helps erase the signs of aging and environmental damage as well as minimize the appearance of scars.

  • In fact, microneedling is so effective in the treatment of scars that it is regularly recommended as a way to resolve acne scars.
  • A 2012 study found that patients who received just three microneedling sessions for acne scars saw a 31% improvement in skin texture without any residual discoloration or irregular pigmentation! 


The world’s most wanted energy-based treatment

  • Enhances skin tone and texture through skin resurfacing
  • Reduces the effects of the sun and aging on the skin
  • Smoothes out fine lines, wrinkles, and surgical and acne scars
  • Treats multiple skin layers in one pass
  • Performs full and fractional resurfacing
  • Enhances coagulation
  • Encourages neocollagenis


As the most commonly performed in cosmetic treatment in North America, BOTOX® is considered by most medical professionals as the gold standard in treating wrinkles, creases and lines.

  • Sagging and droopy brows
    Gently lifting a droopy brow brightens up the eyes and makes you look less tired and angry.
  • Horizontal forehead creases and frown lines
    Smoothing away deep lines across the forehead makes you look less angry and more approachable.
  • An overly prominent or square jawline (masseter)
    By rounding your jawline, it changes the shape of your face to make it look more feminine and softer.
  • Downturned lip corners
    An ever so slight upturning of the lip corners prevents you from looking sad or upset all the time.
  • Prominent platysmal bands in the neck
    By relaxing the prominent vertical bands in your neck, you’ll get rid of that “turkey gobbler” look.


Dermal fillers are smooth gel injections used to fill the soft tissue under the skin. The gel is made from naturally occurring hyaluronic acid.  These fillers can stimulate collagen growth, and also add volume to weakened facial features. They are also FDA approved, minimally invasive, and very safe. It is important that there are possible risks after this procedure, which include bruising and swelling. This is typically very minimal, and will fade quickly. 

Dermal fillers are typically used for the following aesthetic purposes:

  • Lip Plumping
  • Softening facial creases and wrinkles
  • Cheek & Chin Enhancements 
  • Non-surgical Facelifts
  • Eyebrow Lifting
  • Disguising Eyebags


The assurance of proven results.

  • With over 10 years of clinical experience, more than 5 million independent treatments, and the most published studies of any medical body shaping device, VelaShape is one of the most recognized non-invasive body shaping treatments on the market today.
  • Power and speed. VelaShape III can achieve end point temperature in less time, with up to 150 watts of radiofrequency (RF) power. That reduces the time needed for treatment. And it can reduce the number of treatment sessions by up to 75%. 
  • Comfort. VelaShape III procedure is comfortable like hot stone massage.
  • Convenience. The VelaShape III procedure often takes under an hour.
  • All-season treatment. VelaShape III can be used on all skin types in any season and any climate.


HIFU – A noninvasive and painless alternative for face lifts

HIFU uses focused ultrasound energy to target the layers of skin just below the surface. The ultrasound energy causes the tissue to heat up rapidly. Once the cells in the targeted area reach a certain temperature, they experience cellular damage. While this may seem counterintuitive, the damage actually stimulates the cells to produce more collagen — a protein that provides structure to the skin.The increase in collagen results in tighter, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles. Since the high-frequency ultrasound beams are focused on a specific tissue site below the skin’s surface, there’s no damage to the upper layers of the skin and adjacent issue.

HIFU has many aesthetic benefits, including:

  • wrinkle reduction
  • tightening sagging skin on the neck (sometimes called turkey neck)
  • lifting the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids
  • enhancing jawline definition
  • tightening of the décolletage
  • smoothing the skin


UltraShape® Power. The non-thermal ultrasound system for body contouring.

UltraShape® Power is FDA-cleared for non-invasive reduction in abdominal circumference and fat reduction in the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. It gently destroys fat by delivering non-thermal ultrasound energy waves that are:

  • Selective. Since UltraShape Power selectively and precisely targets fat cells, blood vessels, nerves, and surrounding tissue are largely unharmed. There are no reported cases of lumping, shelving, or other contouring deformities. Immediate responses recorded in a clinical study were mild and transient in nature, and completely resolved without intervention within days. 
  • It’s a walk-in, walk-out procedure that’s virtually painless. In a recent clinical study, the average reported pain level was <1 on a 10-point scale.
  • The UltraShape Power pulsed ultrasound treatment is truly comfortable. In fact, in the same study, 96% of patients said they felt comfortable during treatment.
  • It gets real results — fast. The entire process is just three sessions, spaced two weeks apart.  The average treatment only takes about 30 minutes per area. The fat destruction results are impressive. As in, an average abdominal circumference reduction of 2.4 to 2.6 cm.


The CO2RE® Intima system is uniquely engineered to transform treatment of many dermatological conditions, including gynecological needs.

The CO2RE Intima’s comprehensive range of treatment options include:

  • Ablation and resurfacing of soft tissue
  • Surgical scar tissue
  • Labiaplasty
  • Conization of the cervix such as vulvar and vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN, VAIN)
  • Leukoplakia (vulvar dystrophies)
  • Condyloma acuminatum